Looking for Alan Bleiweiss Information?

Boy are you going to be tickled pink when you hear what I have to say.

Let’s Start From The Top Of The Alan Saga.


“In the beginning was the Alan Bleiweiss. All rants in the SEO space were made by him, and without him was not any rant spoken that was ranted.”

Alright, maybe we don’t need to go that far back in time but I would like to tell a story. One day, I was perusing twitter and I noticed that my dear friend Mr. Bleiweiss was sharing his SEO rant wisdom with the social crowd. It went something like this:

Screenshot 2016-01-13 23.01.37


Alan Bleiweiss commenting about getting a client's site to rank

Given that I was feeling a bit a on adventurous side I responded with the following to Alan.

Screenshot 2016-01-13 23.06.32


Screenshot 2016-01-13 23.06.52

That my friends, is how AlanBleiweiss.org came to be.


So what’s the plan with this beautiful and well groomed Alan Bleiweiss focused website?


It’s simple. The goal is to see how fast we can watch this website move up to the top of the SERPs by using as much spam content marketing and myopic sustainable methods as possible. After all, I plan on patenting AlanBleiweiss® and moving all of my personal holding to that brand name. 😉


Is Alan ok with all of this?


In his own words “Go for it! You have my Blessing. #ThisShouldBeFun”. I think the world of Alan and he knows it. I look at this as a fun way to run some tests and get a good laugh… and potentially get 50 million dollars with he has to pay me to take it down after it dominates every search term that comes within topical relevance of Alan Bleiweiss.


How can I help make this happen?


Share this website and link to it. In the end we will see where it gets and eventually close it down, or redirect it to Alan’s site for being a good sport about the whole thing.

You can also send a section of content to add to this page and in turn you will get a keyword rich link credit back to you or your website. Send the content to mike (at) niftymarketing.com


Information about Alan Bleiweiss


Hair Color: Game of Thrones Grey with a sprinkle of Santa Claus White.
Eye color: Is laser beams a color?
Height: 10,015 pixels
Weight: Only one person ever knew that and they are now dead.
Age: Born pre-flood. Only known non ark surviver.
Favorite Quote: Anything that includes the word “asshat”
Favorite Horse: Mustang
Favorite Car: Mustang
Favorite color: Mustang
Favorite location: Mustang
Pet: Legend states he has a screaming frog.
Favorite Song: Anything from The Lion King.


A poem about Alan


Have you ever wanted a website Audit?
Then get in line and wait your turn.
Because so many others have bought it,
You might just die before you learn.
For Alan doesn’t change the queue.
You must wait to step up and bat.
It’s the same for me and the same for you.
If you don’t want to get called an impatient #Asshat!
Then the day will finally come,
And your audit is completely through.
The spam in red, the speed so slow,
You might just want to start anew.
But don’t cry now not all is lost
You haven’t got the bill just yet
You double take at the cost,
$85k from the Vet.


Alan’s First Audit